Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Benefits of Working From Home With MCA

Working at home with Motor Club Of America is a great way to free up your day.
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Not only do you set your own schedule, but you now have time to do the things you
 enjoy the most.

#TeamMcaStar and capitalize on this great opportunity.


Friday, November 16, 2012

Joining #TeamMcaStar and becoming an associate

Motor Club Of America is a great company 
but it's associate program is virtually unknown.

Take this time to capatalize with #TeamMcaStar!!!

We are here to help you every step of the way.

We offer tactics that will ensure you spread the word the right way, all the time.

Your On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter All day!!

You Should Get Paid for it!!!

How does it work?

#TeamMcaStar Is a Community of passionate individuals who Enjoy the Product we sell as well as believe in it.

MCA is Better Than AAA !!!

And Allows you to Refer someone and RECIEVE AN $80 COMMISSION!!

MCA AND TVC MATRIX "The RunDown" Payment

#MCA Payments

With the MCA TVC Matrix, you could possibly earn:

1 referral per week = $80/week = $4,160/year
5 referrals per week = $410/week = $21,320/year
10 referrals per week = $840/week = $43,689/year

15 referrals per week = $1290/week = $67,080/year
20 referrals per week = $1760/week = $91,520/year
30 referrals per week = $2700/week = $140,400/year

The Numbers Never Lie and working with #TeamMcaStar Will Ensure you Reach Your Goals.
We Pride ourselves on being able to show you how to get more, Fast!
Contact us!
Working With Motor Club Of America

Working with Motor Club Of America is fun and simple.
The company offers a variety of training, as well as the ability to work from home.
There are numerous ways to benefit from being an associate with MCA.
#TeamMcaStar is here to lead you in the department of sales and marketing and gear you towards building a business for yourself.
All associates who work with MCA are independent contractors who set their own work schedule.
We are here to help you so you don't get confused during this exciting transition in your life.
With the proper guidance and a little effort on your behalf, you can pull in $400-$2500 weekly in this program.
This is not obtained without the diligence and dedication that a regular nine to five job entails, but is quite possible and realistic.
With that being said it is important to take MCA seriously, and decide for yourself if this is a choice you are ready to make.
Everyone is not ready to take a chance and earn extra money, it's not easy.
Controversy to that, there are people who set out in this business with a positive attitude and reap positive rewards.

Fact: The Average American Spends on average $34 a day which cannot be accounted for.

Take that $40

 Invest it in MCA, and not only will you be covered on the road, but you'll have a source of cash and employment from the people you trust.

To Learn More About MCA And Sign Up

Do Your Own Research!

The best way to learn about something, especially a program such as this is to research it yourself First!
It does you NO GOOD if I tell you about it, it has to work for you.

When your ready you can always come back and get rolling.
We are here to help you every step of the way.

We are here to help you succeed, lets us do our Job!!

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Becoming An Associate With MCA

MCA Is a Company that specializes in Roadside Assistance and Towing services in The United States and Canada.
Founded in 1926 Motor Club of America has been providing customers with great and reliable service for 86 years.
In addition to Roadside Assistance services, MCA offers  numerous other auto related benefits and perks.
MCA has recently changed it's marketing strategy, and is allowing customers to become associates of the company with an incentive in the form of A %200 Percent Commission.
This oppurtunity has made MCA a premier choice in Roadside Assitance as well as allowing the customer to recieve an incentive to promote the quality products and service.
MCA provides all training materials necessary to organize and sustain a viable associate network and they are very helpful via Printable PDF files.

The majority of the work will consist of the same things people do every day: Posting on facebook (twitter Instagram Etc), Except you'll be driven by the prospect of earning money quickly by promoting in my opinion a necessary service that everyone should have. The best avenue is to be creative.

Its my job to help you, and make sure you can fully reap the benefits of being an associate with MCA.


1. Join MCA by Paying the one time $40 fee. (First and Last month of the service) WWW.TVCMatrix.com/McaStar 
You Can also Visit http://mca.biz/teammcastar/ To Learn More About MCA And What the program is offering
2. Become an associate via MCA Sponsor (located on website)
Start Advertising and refering people to the service!!!
I'ts that simple!! Average associates earn between $400-$1500 per week, every friday.
All payments are direct deposited to your account every friday, MCA no longer sends out checks.
3. There is also a $20 a month fee to maintain memebership with MCA.
You will not recieve any commisions if you do not maintain your membership
In essence your initial MCA cost for your first month are recouped with your first referal.
Feel free to contact me via email (TeamMcaStar@gmail.com) or call or text me direct at 347-608-2613 and I will be more than happy to assist you.